DURST 512R Plus


Technical data:







Rho 512R The super-wide 12 picolitre roll to roll UV inkjet printer with Variodrop technology The Rho 512R sets the quality standard for high end industrial inkjet productivity. This is due to Durst’s latest Quadro Array 12M printhead technology which features a very small ink drop size of only 12 picolitres. With its very small ink drop size it is capable of printing with unrivalled quality up to 900 dpi and a speed of up to 350 m² per hour. Furthermore, the Rho 512R is designed for printing a wide variety of large format advertising material. It will also print three 1.6 m rolls together. With the high precision of the carriage system, the linear motor drive technology, enhanced Quadro Array technology and a printhead with over 30,000 nozzles, it achieves optimum print quality without loss of speed.