Kongsberg X44


Technical data:







Kongsberg cutting table: Product Code: 97AR5683 Kongsberg X44 for Flexo Plate cutting (2210 x 3200 mm) 9643642 Table mains 230V 97AR6001 7.5 kW Pump - Power supply 3x380V 97AR5222 Kongsberg sound insulating box V2   Tooling: 1 97AR5684 FlexiHead and i-camera 1 97AR5010Z Rigid Material Knife tool 1 97AR639Z Fiber Tip Tool 1 97AR789 KissCutting Knife tool 96BS440 Bevel Cut Package for flexo plates for corrugated (I am not 100% sure about this. If this includes a lot of consumables like blades etc. it might be bit dangerous to mention this line on sales contract, as it might be that we have used/distroyed blades etc.) 97AR475 BevelKnife tool 97AR5605 Recycled Corrugated Kit - X FlexiHead 97AR5408 60mm crease tool for FlexiHead) 97AR5602 MP-HF V2 knife tool   Software: 1 97AR5688 i-cut Production Console Flexo (Kongsberg table user interface) 96AR046W AdvantageCAD FrontEnd license (using standards to create different sizes and types of boxes) 97AR5675 QuickBox (creating custom, simple boxes)